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Monroe County Amateur Radio Public Service Corps encompasses the Amateur Radio Emergency Service,  Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service and the National Weather Service SKYWARN programs. By having members trained in all these programs, it allows for seamless operation as a situation changes by not having to change operators.

The primary function of the Monroe County ARPSC shall be to provide emergency communications for public assistance in times of need or distress.
The role of ARPSC is not to replace, but rather augment existing communications systems during a communications emergency.  A communications emergency is said to exist when customary communications circuits are interrupted or overloaded, when a need for communications exists, when there are no customary communication circuits or when interagency communications needs must be met.
The Monroe County ARPSC will to the best of it’s ability, realizing that it is a volunteer organization, provide needed emergency and public service communications for governmental and private helping agencies. All activities and communications will be under Part 97 of the Federal Communications Commission Rules and Regulations.
Agencies to whom service will be offered will include but not limited to the National Weather Service, Emergency Management Division, Police and Fire Departments, Salvation Army, American Red Cross and similar organizations through the ARES program. The priorities of service may change and therefore will be determined by the Emergency Coordinator and/or assistants depending upon the nature of the specific conditions. When time and conditions permit, the ARES may also elect to serve various agencies such as the March of Dimes, National Heart Association, Muscular Dystrophy Association, etc. with non emergency public service communications.

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