We are fortunate to be able to use the repeater assets of the River Raisin Repeater Association for our nets and communication needs.

Channel Assignments

Primary Repeater (72 Monroe) 146.720Mhz  -.6 Offset Pl 100.0 Antenna at 250′ This repeater has receivers located in Ida, Monroe, Dundee, and Newport to extend its coverage by users with HT’s.

Tac 1 (Ida) 442.650  +5 Offset Pl 100 Antenna at 220′ This repeater can be crosslinked to 72 Monroe for added coverage and also hosts EchoLink and IRLP

Tac 2 (Dundee) 442.825 +5 Offset Pl 100 Antenna at 125′

Tac 3 (Temporary placed)  444.55 +5 Offset Pl 100 Currently low height, low power until it gets to its new home

Tac 5 VHF Simplex  146.475 No Offset, No PL, Event Channel

Tac 6 UHF Simplex 446.600 No Offset, No PL, Event Channel

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